Come along on adventures with Compass Expeditions. The Savannah Way with Simon Pavey, Trans Siberian Explorer, Trail of the Incas, and Tasmanian High Country with Charlie Boorman.

Australia Encompassed

Northern Territory, South Australia & Victoria: A motorcycle ride taking in some of Australia's most iconic sights

2nd Sep 2024 to 22nd Sep 2024
2nd Sep 2025 to 22nd Sep 2025
20 Days

Kyrgyzstan Explorer

Kyrgyzstan: Be one of a handful of bikers to explore this rugged Central Asian country in the shadows of the Tien Shan Mountains on the ancient Silk Road

27th Jun 2024 to 12th Jul 2024
27th Jun 2025 to 12th Jul 2025
15 Days

Mongolian Magic

Mongolia: One of the world’s last true wild frontier rides

19th Jul 2024 to 2nd Aug 2024
19th Jul 2025 to 2nd Aug 2025
14 Days

Patagonia Explorer

Chile & Argentina: Ride Patagonia, a world of vast blue skies, deep blue glaciers and towering snow capped peaks

22nd Jan 2025 to 10th Feb 2025
16th Feb 2025 to 7th Mar 2025
22nd Jan 2026 to 10th Feb 2026
16th Feb 2026 to 7th Mar 2026
19 Days

Safari Africa

South Africa & Namibia: An amazing ride into Southern Africa including award winning game lodges, spectacular scenery and incredible riding

10th May 2025 to 25th May 2025
10th May 2026 to 25th May 2026
15 Days

Spain Portugal and Morocco

Spain, Portugal and Morocco: Explore Southern Europe and Northern Africa, a ride from the hills of Lisbon to the sands of the Sahara

1st Sep 2024 to 22nd Sep 2024
27th Sep 2024 to 18th Oct 2024
1st Sep 2025 to 22nd Sep 2025
27th Sep 2025 to 18th Oct 2025
21 Days

Tasmania and the High Country With Charley Boorman

Victoria, Tasmania & New South Wales: Ride Tasmania and Victoria's High Country with motorcycle adventurer Charley Boorman

11th Nov 2024 to 22nd Nov 2024
11 Days

Trail Of The Incas

Chile, Bolivia & Peru: A truly exhilarating motorcycle road trip following the Incas across the Andes

16th Mar 2025 to 9th Apr 2025
24 Days

True North Alaska

Alaska, USA: Ride the "last frontier" wilderness that is Alaska, the scenic wonderland high above the Arctic Circle

10th Jun 2025 to 26th Jun 2025
16 Days

Wild Patagonia

Chile and Argentina: A motorcyle adventure through the breathtaking landscape of ancient forests, tree-lined fjords, lakes, glaciers and towering volcanoes

6th Nov 2024 to 22nd Nov 2024
6th Nov 2025 to 22nd Nov 2025
16 Days

New Zealand Encompassed

New Zealand: Ride New Zealand, the Land of the Long White Cloud

20th Mar 2025 to 9th Apr 2025
27th Mar 2026 to 16th Apr 2026
20 Days

Mediterranean to the Balkans

Venice to Ljubljana: Discover the French island of Corsica, ride Tuscany and explore the stunning Balkans on this exciting seven country ride

2nd Sep 2024 to 22nd Sep 2024
2nd Sep 2025 to 22nd Sep 2025
20 days

Kruger & The Garden Route

South Africa & Eswatini: Go “on safari” and discover the epic wildlife, history and landscapes of Southern Africa

13th Oct 2024 to 31st Oct 2024
13th Oct 2025 to 31st Oct 2025
18 Days

Rising Sun

Japan: The land of the rising sun, like riding through the pages of history and across a breathtaking landscape

25th Sep 2024 to 10th Oct 2024
15th Oct 2024 to 30th Oct 2024
15th Oct 2025 to 30th Oct 2025
15 Days

Simon Pavey’s Off Road Skills & Australian Adventure – Tasmania

Tasmania: A motorcycle training event and tour into the superb north-west of Tasmania with Simon Pavey

6th Dec 2024 to 14th Dec 2024
8 Days
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