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Self Guided Motorcycle Tours

Not a tour sort of person, the dates just don’t match or you have a few mates coming along but don’t know where to start with booking hotels, what to see or where to go? Then a self-guided tour is the perfect option for you.

We have decades of experience especially in Australia and South America and for a long time we have offered tailored itineraries or current knowledgeable advice to maximise your time in these places.

However at the moment Compass Expeditions is not offering self-guided tour packages as we are focusing on our guided tours as we rebuild as a company after the pandemic. We plan to offer this service again in the future therefore if you would like to be notified once this service is available again and stay up to date with other Compass news, please feel free to sign up to our monthly newsletter below! (Don’t worry we promise to keep updates short and sweet and we do not spam your inbox)

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