North America

North America, a destination that’s vast nature is rugged and wild whilst also being home to some of the most bustling and iconic metropolitan cities in the world and then there’s Alaska… studded with glaciers, countless rivers, lakes, soaring mountain peaks, arctic tundra and active volcanoes.

North America is the ultimate road trip destination.

True North Alaska

Alaska, USA: Ride the "last frontier" wilderness that is Alaska, the scenic wonderland high above the Arctic Circle

10th Jun 2025 to 26th Jun 2025
16 Days
Compass Expeditions Brochure

Compass Expeditions Brochure

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Land of the “Rising Sun” – Week Two

“Standing at the train station watching bullet trains blast through travelling at least 150kph was strangely thrilling. We were waiting to catch a Shinkansen into Hiroshima. After a 40-minute SuperExpress ride racing through the countryside we met our guide, Pancho, at the train station.” Join Compass Co-Founder Mick McDonald on the second and final leg …

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Compass 2023: Reunion Report

November 11th & 12th saw the 2023 Compass Expeditions Reunion converge on Albury, New South Wales. And what a great catch-up we had with customers from all over the country that have travelled with us in all corners of the world! We were treated to a very warm Saturday ride, out of town and along …

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Land of the “Rising Sun” – Week One

I knew we were in for a treat when we landed at Haneda International Airport in Tokyo watching as a smartly dressed baggage handler caught each bag, as it came off the baggage carousel chute, then either spun them around or flipped them over to make removing your bag from the carousel easy, it’s the …

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