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These are around 3 weeks or less and take in iconic destinations, attractions or renowned motorcycling routes.

Many are generally easy rides with some short challenging sections depending on the destination.

Some are off the beaten track, taking us to some of the most remote & relatively unknown riding destinations on this planet and do entail some challenging off road sections but also offer some of the most rewarding riding there is around.

Our ride grade system informs you how challenging the adventures will be.

Major Expeditions:

Epic, often life changing multi-country adventures of 80 days or more that are high on many a bikers bucket list. Some camping is involved in these expeditions as well as some long sections of off road riding. Completing one of these expeditions offers a rare sense of great achievement and pride.

Celebrity Rides:

We have 10 time Dakar legend Simon Pavey and his team from the UK based Off Road skills fly out to Australia to conduct a weekend off road training course followed up by a 5 day “Ride out” where guests can hone their newly acquired skills on a variety of dirt tracks in differing superb locations around Australia.

We also have renowned adventurer and biker Charley Boorman contract Compass Expeditions to run his exciting Australian & African rides. Spending time with Charley and listening to his many anecdotes and behind the scenes stories is a unique and always fun experience

Make sure you compare the included excursions across tours as we offer a huge list of quality excursions that we include in the cost such as city guides, sightseeing flights, game drives, local tours etc.

We also provide more included meals than many tours typically do.

Also a common ploy is to not include the final nights accommodation as part of the tour package, choosing to charge the guest “post tour” accommodation. We include the final nights accommodation on the last day of the tour.

You must have a valid motorcycle licence and ideally have had 24 months riding experience.

We appreciate that all rider skill levels are different; therefore the two-year requirement is not ‘set in stone’ but a guide only.

Some off-road experience would be helpful as some of the destinations we ride are of relatively easy gravel but can also have a few sections of difficult terrain; however the majority of the riding is on tarmac.

We use a 1 – 5 ride grade rating system, if you are unsure of your ability to complete a tour please call us to discuss the route in more detail.

For Australian residents we recommend our Off Road Skills course with Simon Pavey, to enhance your riding skills prior to a tour. This is a fantastic 2 day course followed by a 5 day ride out to really practice your riding skills.

Simon also runs Off Road Skills in Wales & Portugal, please feel free to also check your home country for any number of locally run off-road courses.

This figure varies greatly. Some days are as little as 150kms/93 miles while others are as much as 475kms/294 miles; only on the rarest occasions would we exceed 500kms/310miles.

We try to allow as much time as possible for sightseeing and getting to a hotel mid afternoon to refresh, relax and enjoy a meal and a few drinks.

No. While we appreciate that we are here to enjoy wonderful riding it is also important for us to be able to enjoy the incredible scenery, visit world-renowned sights and immerse ourselves in the vibrant cultures of the regions we are visiting.

We ride for a few days and stop for a day or more before moving on, depending on the itinerary. Some companies are more like an endurance event, we stop and “smell the roses”.

Every tour has a support vehicle that accompanies the group. This vehicle has the carrying capacity of 4 passengers and their bikes, guest luggage, spares and mobile kitchen.

All our tours are timed to run in the optimum season for riding in that particular country, not too hot, not too cold and not too wet, but mother nature being as she is, nothing can be guaranteed.

Good cold and waterproof motorbike gear is essential for the high Andes on our South American motorcycle tours. On our major expeditions, all weather conditions will be encountered; this is the nature of this type of expedition.

Your riding gear should have the ability to be altered as the day warms up, for example a jacket will have a good cold weather liner that can be removed. Good protective gloves are essential. Riding boots ideally would be motocross off road boots for optimum ankle and foot protection, where the vast majority of injuries are sustained, however these are both cumbersome and difficult to walk any great distance in, a compromise boot that offers good ankle protection yet able to be worn while off the bike should be considered.

Of course a good helmet is essential.

Absolutely, we have chosen routes that take in all the greatest sights and scenery without making them so extreme that carrying a pillion / co-rider would be impossible.

On a small number of days we may encounter a small section of road that could be difficult for two-up riding such as a creek crossing or sand, but these sections are rare and short lived  –  with the exception of grade 4 and 5 rides and the Simon Pavey off road training events.

When we do encounter these sections we have the option of pillion / co-rider riding in the support vehicle.

Yes. Our support vehicle can accommodate a limited number of passengers (4).

Passengers who pay support vehicle only prices, same as pillion / co-rider prices are guaranteed a seat but of course are free to ride two-up when they feel like it.

In the spirit of real adventure we have limited the number of bikes to around 15-20 depending on the tour & circumstances

A unique experience loses its allure when you have to jostle with a big group of riders. With us it feels more like riding with a small group of friends than a “tour”.

Riders are more than welcome to take off on your own and meet us for lunch or at the hotel at the end of the day.

End of tour breakdowns are extremely rare.

A good servicing and preventative maintenance regime ensures all bikes are in excellent mechanical order before the start of each expedition. In the unlikely event of a breakdown we shall endeavour to get it repaired quickly.

If a spare bike is available you will be provided with that or we will rent one at the first available opportunity.

Email is without doubt, the cheapest and easiest way of keeping in contact with friends and family. Internet is available in just about all destinations we visit. On all tours we will have a satellite phone in our support vehicle for emergencies and can be used on a pay per minute basis.

Of course! We reward any rider / co-rider who joins us on more than one of our tours. We realise that a huge percentage of our custom is from repeat business and we will reward those riders’ co-riders with a generous rewards program.

Please view our “frequent riders program” for further information.


Absolutely, in fact it is a requirement that you have medical insurance before you join one of our tours. Our in-house travel team will be happy to assist you with getting the right insurance.

If purchasing your own travel insurance it is important to make it very clear that you will be riding a motorcycle and that it will be over 250cc. Some insurance companies include motorcycle insurance coverage in their policy but it doesn’t include anything more challenging than a one-day ride on a moped around Phuket.

Please ensure that your policy covers you for personal accident, medical and repatriation costs as well as the usual loss of luggage, damage and theft.

Please go to the our Travel Insurance page for more information.

It is the responsibility of the passenger to obtain the appropriate visas before joining the tour. We highly recommend the use of a visa agency who are adept at getting visas quickly and whose charges are quite reasonable.

Compass Expeditions will provide any visa supporting letters that may be required and complete visa support for our major expeditions.

We require all passengers on our tours to be fully vaccinated agains Covid-19. Read more on our Covid Policy page.

For country specific information we highly recommend that you speak with your doctor and/or check out the World Health Organisation website at www.who.int/ and have a look at their excellent International Travel and Health book, available online.

It is a requirement of many South American countries for all traveler’s entering their country to have a valid yellow fever vaccination along with the supporting document.

Accommodation is included on all nights of the advertised itinerary but it is not included if you arrive early or depart later in your joining and departing cities. All accommodation is on a twin shared basis and very occasionally multiple share hostels. For private rooms there is an extra charge (see single room supplement on expedition information).

Please note unlike other tour operators if you are traveling alone and the group is an uneven number and you end up with a room to yourself you WILL NOT be charged a single supplement. However if you do require a guaranteed single room for the duration of the tour you must pay a single supplement to secure your single room.

On the vast majority of our rides most dinners are included, these dinners are often typical cuisine and / or western style and are a la carte in restaurants, with the occasional buffets, where we have eaten many times before.We are well-known for the legendary wholesome & filling picnic lunches we provide that are prepared on the spot, usually in a stunning location.

Unlike other operators we do not corral guests into a local truck stop where the hygiene standards are virtually non-existent.

Of course all breakfasts are included

You can book by clicking on “Book Now” on the tour page, then following the prompts in the booking screens to enter your information.

Your deposit payment can be made using your credit card or PayPal account, alternatively you can call us with your credit card details and we can process your payment over the phone.

When booking we require 20% of the total tour price at booking time and the remainder to be paid in full 90 days in advance of departure date to ensure all accommodations.

If you have any problems with paying the remaining lump sum, speak with us and we can arrange a staggered payment option.

Because of the small size of our groups, it is a first come first served booking. With a limited number of each bike models available we suggest you book early to avoid disappointment.

If the FAQ section doesn’t answer your question, please send us an email or give us a call and we will get back to you ASAP.