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Tour and Expedition Travel Insurance

At Compass Expeditions we work hard to make sure that your motorcycle tour runs smoothly and safely.  Your welfare is of primary concern to us and we know that we cannot control every situation on the road or while you are travelling.

Accidents happen, luggage is lost and tour or flight cancelations can occur, so it is our policy that all participants of Compass Expeditions tours have an appropriate level of travel insurance to cover the unforseen. This is not only compulsory when joining a Compass Expeditions motorcycle tour, but it makes sense.

We have sourced a number of companies that will provide you coverage in the event of an accident and/or other losses, depending on the policy selected and better still will give all Compass Expeditions customers a 10% discount off the advertised rates when purchasing through the our website, (this offer is not available over the phone).  Compass Expeditions does not endorse, recommend or guarantee payment in the event of a claim from any of the insurers mentioned. We do know that they will offer a policy for clients riding a motorcycle OVER 250cc (including our bikes). This is a critical point to ensure when purchasing a policy. Compass Expeditions are offering this information as a service only to ensure all our clients are properly protected.

Aussie Travel Cover

This policy covers all our Australian clients when participating in a Compass Expeditions ride.  They will also covers clients from other countries while travelling in Australia.  Please click below to be directed to their website to obtain your quote, with the 10% discount automatically applied.

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Seven Corners

These policies cover clients located in the United States of America at time of purchase for travel outside of the United States on a Compass Expeditions Ride/Expedition. It works in conjunction with your US Health Care. Please click below to be directed to their website to obtain your quote.

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ASUS – All Seasons Underwriting Agencies

For our customers in the United Kingdom and Europe we suggest talking to ASUA.  They have comprehensive travel insurance policies and will cover you for riding larger capacity motorcycles overseas.

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