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On the 25th and 26th of March Compass Expeditions held it’s annual Reunion Weekend.

You can read all about the rides and the fantastic dinner that followed here on our Blog.


One of the most anticipated components of our Reunion Weekend is always the Photo Competition.

Each year, we ask all of our past tour participants for send through a few choice photos from any Compass Expeditions Tour or Expedition.

The results are always amazing.

We love receiving and sorting them out but the decision is always a tough one when we come to selecting the winners.

The competition was sponsored, very generously, this year by our good friends at Rocky Creek Designs.

Gearlok’s, Motopressor Pocket Pumps and Jump Pumps as well as pressure gauges and Bikerz Chairs were on offer for the lucky prize winners.




So without further delay here are those that didn’t get placed but certainly deserved a Special Mention.

bob-bent-is-that-shifter-big-enough-daryl bob-bent-teaching-a-compass-bike-to-swim-in-the-high-country

pete-and-sue-lyzun-highlights-of-peru-the-barge-to-cross-the-tiquina-strait-in-bolivia machu-picchu-crew-peter-mills-los-andes michelle-campbell-beautiful-old-lady-chaquilla-village-boliviapeter-collins-2peter-cullin-mongolia-fire-wood-rathering8tony-donohue-savannah-way

treveor-vienet-patagonia-explorer-dec-14 img_55241 enroute-to-el-calafate-brian-buckley-patagonia-explorer

dsc037941 mark-anderson-cable-beech-in-broome-at-this-point-we-were-40-mins-from-completing-the-savannah-way-trip


And now for the major Prizes!

Fifth Prize went to:



Fourth Prize went to:



Third Prize:




Second Prize:




And Our Grand Prize Winning Photo:




A selfie!, taken with a Phone!

Daryl has managed to capture an honest and poignant image that tells a really nice story that reinforces what adventure motorcycling is all about.

Congratulations Daryl, we hope that you like all of the fantastic Rocky Creek Designs goodies that you have won!

(That Bikrz Chair looks a little small for you mate?  Perhaps Mrs G might get some use out of it?)



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