South America 360 Expedition – Brazil, Foz do Iguacu to Rio de Jenairo – Crew Report Back to News List

Leaving Foz do Iguacu to Rio de Jenairo for 3 days

By Justin

Wow, a long and challenging day of riding, leaving Foz, arriving in the dark into Campo Largo,  over 600 km. Relief and anticipation of the great days ahead of us.



Passing an interesting Bathroom shop and aptly named at that.

This is the same day that Clara decided that she was ready to ride again! Good thing she chose a short and easy day to start with. It was a long and grueling day for all of us. Great job Clara!




Here we have the Triumph Tiger taking a quick break, also seen with the group with the Support Van looking on.

The next day on to Bertioga, another big day heading towards Paraty, through the hills and mountain passes of Brazil. Quite a bit of traffic again, but the beautiful road started to flow through the twisty and hilly roads of the coastal jungle, Rio Santos, also known as Costa Verde…


…so everyone was able to use the ignored, untouched sides of the tires, and start to unsquare those tires. An amazing sunny riding day.


Also the first day back for Rachel as pillion with Clara.


Two days in Paraty, a welcome stay, with a great boat excursion the following day, some snorkeling, swimming, lots of sun and some great eats on the one of the many island beaches.


Looks like Ray might have been here taking some time and enjoying a solo … import beer? What!

After a good rest it was on to Rio, with 3 days to enjoy this major metropolis. The ride was again super scenic. We stopped at the local BMW dealer to get Bobs bike serviced and also at another great bike shop to get Rays bike serviced as well. Getting into the monster city of Rio to the hotel was definitely a challenge. Can you say traffic? How about friday afternoon rush hour traffic? Cars and buses, bikes and scooters meshing and molding, stopping and moving, great stuff, and I believe everyone loved it and learned something from the crazy ride and watching the local riders hop and dance through the congested parking lot.





This is Rio.
When my baby, when my baby smiles at me I go to Rio, De Janeiro……

More to come…

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