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We have just completed our inaugural off road training weekend and 5 day ride out with Dakar legend Simon Pavey in the stunning South Australian Flinders Ranges.

The training trip was a spectacular success but don’t take our word for it have a look at what some clients are saying!!!


“There are not enough words to describe just how much fun I had during the training and the ride out with Simon and everyone. Mick and Veronica worked hard behind the scenes to make sure everything happened. There were days when Simon chose to change the day’s route, and somehow or other Mick and Veronica made it happen. The condition of the bike was excellent – always reliable and consistent…. The training was well paced and at that time challenging. It was interesting to revisit the same area a week later to find training exercises were much easier. The girls and I even rode up a rocky hill we had previously thought difficult and didn’t even realise it was the same road, it looked so tame! When I look back across the week I cannot believe the things I did, and the places I rode. Truly unbelievable! The trip was well paced as well – the terrain getting a little more difficult as each day went on. Everyday different, and everyday a new skill learnt.
Although it is Simon’s name all over the training school, Linley, Gwyn and Llel were awesome trainers and so very patient 🙂 Simon’s reputation is indeed secure with these guys (and girl) behind him. All the trainers had their own little catchphrase which became a mantra when things got a bit ‘different’. When encountering the now infamous ‘Road of Stones’ on the way to Arkaroola all I could hear in my head the whole way was Gwyn with his ‘Wheels are round, they go over things’. That is definately what got me through and kept the nerves at bay. After Coober Pedy and also long the Oodnadatta Track, I was initially a bit tentative in the heavy sand – remembering Simon and his ‘Keep the front wheel steady, the back wheel can do whatever it likes, certainly helped in some tricky situations. Thinking of Linley and her ‘Top 4 Tips’ definitely helped with getting around corners in the gravel (and with some speed as well), and Llel always seemed to appear from nowhere just seconds before doubt crept in with a big smile and a thumbs up.” – Helen Coles


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“Simon and his team ARE a GREAT bunch!! Very supportive and friendly, they didn’t make me feel like a dick. I took my own bike F650GS and it was AWESOME!! I am blown away by what these bikes can do.I learnt an incredible amount in a short space of time, I was very novice when I arrived, but Simon and his team kept on challenging me and pushed me way out of my comfort zone and I am so pleased that they did, I am very proud of myself and a whole lot more confident in my riding abilities. The most important thing I learnt was to trust, firstly Simon, and then myself. I, and a lot of people I spoke to said that every time a challenging situation arose all we could hear was Simon’s voice telling us what to do, and it worked every time” – Leanne Jonson


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“Simon and the Off Road Skills team are a very talented group of riders and fantastic trainers. They explained things clearly and demonstrated every exercise or skill very well. Their follow up with every rider was then attentive and thorough. I loved the fact that throughout the tour they constantly looked for challenges and opportunities to test the skills they had taught us.
I thought the route that was planned for the trip was great. It encompassed some great riding and visited classic Australian landmarks. To put the long days ride first and then ‘meander’ back to Wilpena Pound was a great way to see everything that the tour promised. Also having a big day on the bitumen at the end of the tour would have distracted from the amazing off road days which were what it was all about.
I was thrilled with what I got out of the training and I know it has made me a better rider. The whole experience was trouble free, well planned and organised, well supported and an absolute pleasure.
My thanks to Mick and Veronica for their efforts and to the ORS crew for the great training”. – Andrew Toyne


The training and 5 day ride out sold out in a space of a few months and Simon has confirmed that he and his team from Off Road Skills (ORS) will definitely be back again in 2014, so watch this space! We’ll be putting up more photos of the weekend’s riding shortly so check out our facebook page to see more…..