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Now we head north to fulfil a bucket list achievement of many who go on this tour. We are heading as far north as you can go in the USA. The destination is Prudhoe Bay Dead Horse Alaska; high above the Arctic Circle, a place very few are ever likely to visit due to its remoteness and extreme conditions. For the brave amongst us – we may even take a swim in the Arctic Ocean.

We leave Talkeetna and head to Alaska’s second largest city, Fairbanks. The ride into Fairbanks shows the sheer size of this State and its epic empty landscape offers a taste of the endless vastness of what lies ahead.

From Fairbanks we head to Cold Foot along the famed Dalton Highway which accompanies the Alaskan pipeline for a further 500 miles up to the oil fields of Prudhoe Bay.  We cross the mighty Yukon river, see wild Moose and witness the immense and remote wilderness of the Alaskan north. We overnight in the remote Coldfoot truck stop as featured in the “Ice Road Truckers” TV series.

Next stop is the end of the line,  Dead Horse. We continue along the Dalton Highway as we climb the mountains of the Brookes Range crossing the awe inspiring Atigun Pass.

A once in a lifetime experience was seen by some riders as a Grizzly Bear was playing in the snow and running across the Highway heading off into the Alaskan Tundra. 

We finally arrive in Dead Horse, have a well deserved nights rest and feed. The next day we do it all again after a courageous dip in the Arctic Ocean where the water temperature is minus 1 degree!

Riding this impossibly vast empty landscape on North America’s most remote road twice is great achievement and will be remembered forever. We look forward to the more hospitable south as we head back down towards the welcome hot springs of Chena, hopefully it will be a stark contrast to our Arctic swim.

If you’d like to follow our tracks, you can do so via our Garmin inReach Mini 2 device at this link: https://share.garmin.com/KY33B

Alaska has a well-deserved reputation as perhaps THE greatest wilderness of North America. If you’ve never been, this is one place you have to see for yourself – find out the details of our True North Alaska Tour here. Hopefully you yourself will be on the road with us next time!

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