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After departing Anchorage with anticipation and excitement we headed south to a small shipping village called Homer where we stayed a couple of nights. The scenery along the way was spectacular with the shoreline of the Cook Inlet on one side and the 3,000 ft mountains of the  Chugach State Park on the other.  

Homer was a great little place with some of the group taking a boat tour across Kachemak Bay seeing some local communities on the isolated islands nearby. Others took an awesome ride with plenty of twists and turns to a little Russian village to soak up some of the traditional Russian culture which is a remnant of the former owners of Alaska.

“The Salty Dawg” pub provided a truly Alaskan experience for an evening of fun and entertainment- the only problem being with the Northern Sun never going down it never felt late so it was difficult to leave.

Time to get back on the road again as we head north through Seward visiting the captivating Exit Glacier  and riding near the stunning Hatchers Pass, a landscape of towering snowy peaks and alpine valleys ultimately arriving in the beautiful Talkeetna which is the Alaskan town that the TV series Northern Exposure is based on. Talkeetna is nestled at the foot of the Northern USA’s highest peak, Mt McKinley and a short plane ride shows it’s majesty when the weather permits. 

Talkeetna is too good to just pass through so we spend a couple of nights here as we prepare for the big ride North into the Arctic Circle and Prudhoe Bay.

If you’d like to follow our tracks, you can do so via our Garmin inReach Mini 2 device at this link: https://share.garmin.com/KY33B

Alaska has a well-deserved reputation as perhaps THE greatest wilderness of North America. If you’ve never been, this is one place you have to see for yourself – find out the details of our True North Alaska Tour here. Hopefully you yourself will be on the road with us next time!

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