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Jerry and Brendan in Patagonia on the First Compass Expeditions tour

Finally – The news you have all been waiting for.

On the 11th March 2020 the WHO declared Covid-19 a global pandemic and by June 23rd, we announced the closure of Compass Expeditions after 13 of the most incredible years. 

Compass Expeditions took the very early decision to fully refund all deposits for all future tours, we knew this decision was akin to throwing ourselves onto the corporate sword and could have spelt the end of Compass Expeditions however, we felt it was our only option while we were still financial enough to do so. While some of our competitors mocked our “unbusinesslike” decision, we knew it was the ethical thing to do. The outpouring of support was stunning; we received endless emails, texts, and phone calls with some actually in tears at the news of our demise. We will never forget the words of encouragement and support that was shown to us, the Compass family, it was incredibly touching. 

Fast forward to late 2020 and we were approached by two gentlemen whom we’ve had previous dealings with, expressing an interest in how they might reinvigorate Compass Expeditions. They wanted to both kickstart the business and continue our legacy, they loved the back story of how Compass began and the amazing Compass family that has evolved, believing that Compass was simply too good a company to be quietly consigned to the pages of motorcycle touring history.

It’s now with the greatest of pleasure that we can announce that, like the legendary Phoenix, Compass Expeditions has arisen from the ashes and will once again offer world renowned, unique, exciting motorcycle tours across the globe. 

We would like to introduce Ben Willox & Brent Thomas who have taken a financial interest in Compass Expeditions, thereby allowing us to restart the business and take it into the future. We are thrilled to have these guys join Compass as we know they have the same business ethos and ethics that we do. We’ve known Brent, in his capacity as owner of Bikes Abroad, for many years. Brent has dealt with many of our clients in the past, all of which have spoken extremely highly of the services provided. Whilst we’ve only met Ben more recently, we’ve quickly formed a wonderful relationship and know him to be a caring, considerate and decent person to bring into the Compass fold. It is important to note that both Mick & Jerry will still retain an interest and continue to drive Compass Expeditions. Alongside us will be Veronica and Craig. Obviously, we will not be offering any tours in 2021 so we’ll all be taking the time to refresh and reenergise our services offering with the intention of releasing a set of tour dates for 2022 in the very near future.  

We are so looking forward to once again visiting the amazing places we once rode and we look forward to catching up with Isaac, the Vic Falls Hotel gardener in Zimbabwe; Baktygul, the gracious B&B owner in Kyrgyzstan and the effervescent Otgoo, the manageress of the ger camp at Khovsguul Nuur, Mongolia. The list of wonderful friends, peoples and experiences is endless. One thing remains certain however, despite a year of doom and gloom the world still remains an amazing place full of incredible people that will be desperate for us to return and return we will. 

The ride is not over yet and the road as it turns out, wasn’t a dead end, we just couldn’t see the track for the trees!!

We hope the Compass family will embrace and support us again as we start a new chapter!

Mick Mcdonald.

Mick at Parachilna

Welcome Ben Willox

I am a family man with a lovely wife and 4 daughters. A business owner with an accounting and finance background, a kindred sense of adventure and a love of motor bikes that stems back to my early childhood and the XR 75 that was my pride and joy.

Upon understanding the back story of Compass and after meeting Mick, Jerry, and Veronica it is impossible not to get caught up in the passion and purpose of what this company and its’ people are all about. I am honoured and excited to be able to help keep the Compass legacy alive and allow it to thrive into the future.I am very much looking forward to meeting as many members of the Compass family as I can on a Compass Expedition in 2022 and beyond.

Ben Willox.

Ben Willox

We would like you to meet Brent Thomas

Firstly, thanks so much to everyone for the warm welcome, I already feel like a part of the family! 

Given I’m an enthusiastic traveller and a bit of geography nerd, it’s only natural to gravitate towards concepts like Compass Expeditions and I must admit that I really struggled with the idea of my friends at Compass closing their doors. I’m really pleased we’ve managed to put that idea behind us. 

My professional background is in freight and project logistics which, once you peel back all of the layers and strange acronyms, is essentially all about efficiency. I’ve managed and overseen some very complex operations; everything from the decommissioning and movement of complete offshore oil rigs between the most extreme parts of the world to the smallest of eskies containing live heart tissues from regional abattoirs throughout Australia to medical theatres across the Americas (don’t ask). Having been in executive roles for about the last 15 years and spending a good deal of that time on the ground overseas expanding on relationships and networks, I’ve realised this is where I find the most enjoyment. 

With that in mind, I look forward to meeting, working alongside and most importantly, riding next to you all!

Brent Thomas.

Thank you – keep well and stay tuned.
Compass Expeditions and staff want to, once again thank all of you, our Compass family, for your wonderful support during these challenging times and for the ongoing trust shown to us every time you chose to travel with Compass Expeditions.

We will have further updates coming out to you via email very soon. 

In the meantime, make sure that you follow us on Facebook , for all of the Compass Expeditions news as it happens.

Please, stay safe, practice good hygiene and social distancing to ensure that we keep this epidemic  in-check and that we can hit the road again with you soon.

Compass Expeditions.