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Compass Expeditions are the world renown experts on travelling the Road of Bones, we were the first commercial motorcycle tour company to ever successfully complete this ride and have become known as leaders in this region. We were thrilled to be able to help Mac Mackenney of in a very small way with his logistical requirements as he led a winter expedition to the “Pole of Cold”, Oymyakon as part of the Shell Helix “Driven to Extremes” TV series for Discovery Channel. If such adventure luminaries place some value in our experience then you, the client, can be rest assured we are the ones to ride with.
Check out the amazing video of driving the Road of Bones in the heart of Winter  –
Driven to Extreme team in Siberia

Driven to Extreme team in Siberia

Mac Mackenney owns and operates one of the worlds leading adventure adventure travel logistics, adventure and expedition companies, Mac will soon be offering 4 x 4 tours into the “Pole of Cold” so keep an eye out here for announcements or on his website.
Our 2014 (105 day) Road of Bones Expedition is now full but we anticipate this to become a yearly ride as opposed to bi -annual. 
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