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Compass Expeditions and Rocky Creek Designs – A Quality Partnership

Our tour bikes and support vehicles do some pretty hard yards in Australia and across the globe. Flat tires and exhausted batteries are things that inevitably happen and are frustrating and time consuming for us when on tour or conducting our research trips.

That is why when Rocky Creek Designs approached us to test out some of their fantastic gear and accessories we jumped at the chance.

We will be distributing the fantastic MotoPressor Jump Pump to each of our support vehicles along with a kit containing the MotoPresser inline tyre gauge and the Dynaplug Carbon Ultralite puncture repair device and will have our team report back on how they perform in real adventure conditions.

Each of our lead riders will also be carrying the tiny Motopressor Pocket Pump and the Motopresser digital tyre gauge in their kit for quick tyre top-ups while the fleet are on the road.

Rocky Creek Designs has also very generously provided us with a number of Gearlok lock and cable combinations. These handy devices make it safe and easy to leave your bike gear, helmet or luggage safely secured to your bike while you wander unencumbered.

Keep an eye on our newsletter and Facebook page for a chance to test and own one of these handy little devices yourselves.


This is what we love about the Rocky Creek Design products so far.

First of all I have to state, that the quality of everything that we have seen from Rocky Creek is first rate.

The plastics are tough, the fittings robust and the cables thick.

The design of the products also seem to be well thought out with real world use in mind.

This is plainly equipment that has been designed for and by motorcyclists and travellers.

Apart from the fact that a flat battery or tire will be required – we can’t wait to test them out,


Gearlok – Lock with Cable

A clever designed combination lock with an integrated cable for locking your helmet, jacket, luggage or almost anything else to your bike.

It is easy to use, simply secure one end of the cable to your bike and thread the other through whatever it is you want to keep safe, snap in the cable and scramble the combination.

The whole thing packs into a pocket sized neoprene pouch .



Motopressor Digital Tyre Gauge

This solid little device does exactly what it should do. It accurately measures the pressure in your tyres, no surprises there.

It fits the hand comfortably with the tip at the right angle for checking tire pressure. One button cycles through psi, bar, kpa or Kg/cm2 settings and illuminates the screen and the tip of the device for use in the dark.


MotorPressor Pocket Pump

This is a little gem!

A very solid, no nonsense, palm sized pump that will inflate a motorcycle tire to 40psi in around 5 minutes.

No external plastic case to make it look neat, no gauges lights, bells or whistles, just an on/off switch. It is powered by direct connection to your motorcycle battery or via a supplied SAE accessory cable. It can also be powered by one of Rocky Creek’s Mini Jump Starter/ compact power packs.

This has to be the smallest and lightest electric pump on the market and one that can conveniently come along on every ride.



MotorPressor Jump Pump

An all in one device for your kit on longer rides the Jump Pump combines a jump starter, mini air compressor, phone / device charger and even a LED Torch!

All packed into a durable and compact unit small enough to fit in your pannier or top box.

The jump starter will get your bike fired up when you accidentally leave the lights on and flatten the battery, it will even reportedly jump start a car if required (We are going to test that one).

The Compressor will inflate a motorcycle tire in under 4 minutes and has an accurate pressure gauge to make sure you get your pressures right.

The USB accessory port will charge any USB device and comes with a 3 in 1 cable to charge your Apple and IOS gadgets.

Everything you need is included in the case and we are going to test this little baby in each of our support vehicles.


MotoPressor Inline Tyre Gauge

We are going to use this handy piece of kit with the Jump Pump but you can attache it to any air compressor, including the one at the service station (that are never accurate).

It features a large clear analogue dial with bar and psi markings, a straight chuck as well as a great 45 degree chuck perfect for getting into tight spaces between spokes. It also has a bleed button that makes it very easy to get your tyre pressures spot on.


Dynaplug Carbon Ultralite

The simplest and most compact tyre plugging system I have ever encountered.

There is no need to ream out the puncture, no glue. You simply push the brass tipped plug into the hole with the tool and remove the applicator.

You can use multiple plugs if the hole is large. And the whole thing packs down into the tools handle to take up next to no space in your tool roll or pocket.



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