Cairo to Cape Town 2017 – Tanzania – Crew Report Back to News List

The Compass Expeditions Cairo to Cape Town Expedition continues South towards it’s destination at the very tip of Africa.

The riders have had a chance to take a few days off the bikes, take a safari and spend some beach time as they make their way through Tanzania.


Farewelling Brendan, we welcomed Bayne on to the tour as a new tour leader, and driver. We promptly put him to work repairing and servicing bikes in our 3 night stay in Nairobi.
Crossing the border into Tanzania, the pace of the tour relaxed as we left our bikes for two grand safari trucks.
These took us to the Serengeti national park and then onto the Ngorongoro Crater.

Serengeti translates from ‘endless plains’ and we got to see them as recent rains were turning them from their usual golden hues to a luscious green of new grasses. This also coincided with the birthing of thousands of wildebeest and other adorable little critters.
Working through the checklist, we saw all but the rarest of Tanzania’s wildlife, including elephant, giraffe, lions, cheetah, leopard, ostrich, rhino, hippo, zebra (as well as the occasional wildebeest ).

There was a disappointing moment when the optional hot air balloon ride was cancelled due to weather but the rest of the day made up for it.
After another overnight in Arusha, we flew to Zanzibar to spend our first night in Stone Town.  It was a pleasure walking around this spectacular and historic place. A few sundowners on the beach and then a great night’s sleep before we moved on to Nungwi beach, on the northern coast.
Some of the group went diving, some snorkelling,  and some even enjoyed a spa treatment but we all gathered on the rooftop to watch the most amazing of sunsets and share stories of the trip so far. It was great to have a break as Africa can be a difficult continent traverse.

Once back in Arusha, rested and ready to ride we prepared to make our way through the rolling countryside of southern Tanzania, destined for the Malawi border.

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