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The Compass Expeditions Crew have been in Cairo and Alexandria for the past couple of weeks dealing with the local authorities, customs and shipping agents to have all off the red tape sorted out to be able to unload the bikes and “Truckantular”, our custom built support vehicle, released from the port and on the road to Cape Town more than 20 000km away.

By all accounts It has been a long haul to get to the point where all but one of the bikes is now released, peeped and ready to roll!

Below is crew member Andrew’s first report.

Pre tour meeting and dinner.
Although the crew have been in Cairo for a couple of weeks and most of the riders a week, today is the real start of our adventure.
We are heading back to Alexandria to collect our vehicles. The shipping, customs and port clearance have been laborious and complicated, as expected.

Due to heavy morning fog for the past few days, the road to Alexandria has been closed by the police until the fog clears later in the morning. So we are taking the train.
The traffic on the way to the station was the worst we had seen.  We ended up missing the 8am train and caught the 9am instead.
Two other riders are at the airport clearing their bikes which were flown in last week and the last rider is sitting at the hotel. His bike was held up by customs in the US and is due to land today.




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