Cairo To Cape Town 2017 – Crew Report #2 Back to News List

Our C2C riders are now all on the road and heading South towards their ultimate goal – Cape Town, South Africa!
It took longer than expected to extract all of the bikes from the customs authorities but once that was achieved it was off to see the sights.
Ride Leader Andrew takes up the tale:

So at the end of our first week we have seen two countries and some spectacular sights already. Departing Cairo and the great pyramids and sphinx, we rode south to Hurghada. A long day but finished off in a grand hotel to rest up before continuing on across the desert expanse of the Nile road to Luxor. We visited the Karnak and Luxor temples. The history is unfathomable. To see these great structures and try to imagine the technology used thousands of years ago.

Continuing south to Aswan we got to enjoy a felucca boat ride on the Nile River, a stroll through a Nubian village and then dinner cooked for us in a traditional home.


The riding through Egypt is within tourist convoys and we had a motorcycle escort on several days. It was clear that they enjoyed escorting our group and one policeman even too a selfie of himself leading our group to the hotel as he rode along!

Our next stop was the mighty Abu Simbel temple which was saved from a watery grave when in the 60’s a group of engineers cut it up and moved it piece by piece out of the valley which was to be flooded to form the lake Nasser. We went to a sound and light show that evening which turned out to be far more spectacular than anyone had anticipated.

The next day was our first border crossing and after an early start, a short ferry crossing and a 40km ride we were at the border. The rest of the day was spent standing around and waiting for the paperwork and processing. About an hour after we arrived, a dust storm blew through the border, then we were off for a short ride into Sudan. We stayed in a local home with a Sudanese family and ate a lovely dinner prepared by our fixer’s wife!


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