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We often forget that adventure begins when you leave your own front door and since at Compass Expeditions, we often refer to Australia as our very large and spectacular back yard we wanted to point out some good reasons to come and ride in “Oz” with us.

#1 Adventure

If you are looking for an adventurous travel destination then Australia should be on your list. We have beaches, deserts, plains, mountain ranges (well relatively speaking), forests, rainforests, wetlands, woodlands and heathland. We even have a polar region, but we don’t offer rides in Antarctica. There are excellent sealed roads in every direction and thousands of other not so well sealed ones. The unsealed roads go to every last remote corner as they criss-cross this massive country / continent. When all that is added up Australia rivals the best motorcycling destinations anywhere on the planet.

#2 Something for everyone

If it is twisting mountain roads, the beauty of the Tasmanian wilderness and the Snowy Mountain high country that you are looking for then join Charley Boorman for his annual pilgrimage to Australia in February.If the tropical north and remote off-roading sound more like you, then Simon Pavey and his Off Road Skills Crew are back to run the challenging Savannah Way tour in August 2021.If you would like a little your northern adventure a bit more 50/50 (sealed / unsealed) then the Iconic Australia or shorter Reef to the Red Centre and North West Passage tours are the pick.If you are looking for a highlights package of Australia, then it has to be our ever-popular Australia Encompassed tour. This one will take you from the tropical north right across the red centre to the temperate south of the nation. You will experience the most of Australia that it is possible to fit into a 19 day tour. But don’t think that our rides are just pumping out the kilometres (or miles if you prefer), these are tours not races and we include a hit list of sights and experiences along the way that will check off the “Must see” list of the most demanding tourer.

#3 Convenience

Australians often ask us why they should take a guided tour in their own country? My answer is always, Yes, you can tour Australia by yourself but why wouldn’t you do it the easy way if you had the chance? All the adventure, fun and experiences without the drama, time and worry of planning it yourself. We know the best riding routes, the local conditions and where is good to eat. You don’t need to worry that lunch will be provided or if the accommodation will be any good. We have all of the logistics covered. If your bike breaks down, we know what to do.If you want to dive on the Great Barrier Reef for a few days before the tour – we can arrange that as well.

#4 Safety

The other point I like to make is that the support that we offer on all of our rides applies in Australia as well. Many city dwelling Australians don’t realize that we live in one of the most wild and remote countries in the world. You simply cannot ride into some of the parts of the outback where we travel unassisted. Our custom-made support vehicles and well-trained crew make that epic outback adventure safe and within every rider’s reach.

#5 Develop your Skills

Ok, so you prefer independent travel and you want to do the hard yards all by yourself. We understand that as well.  So why not learn from the best? Our Simon Pavey Off Road Skills and Australian Adventure Rides are a great way to skill-up for your future rides. The training will give you the confidence and techniques to get out there and make your own adventures and the week of riding the tracks and trails with Simon and his team will polish those skills to another level.

#6 Pillion friendly

With the exception of our Simon Pavey Off Road Skills events, all of our Australian tours are designed to be accessible to riders with pillion passengers (co-riders). The routes are not so technical as to cause a confident rider and passenger any trouble. If by chance we strike bad weather, unexpectedly bad roads or if the co-riders just want some time off the bike, we make sure that there is always room in the support vehicle for all of the passengers to have a comfortable seat. So, when you are considering an Australian ride feel confident to bring your “Pillion in a million” if you are travelling with Compass Expeditions.

#7 It’s Fun!

Finally, and I think that this is key to why you should take a motorcycle tour in your own backyard or anywhere. Riding with like-minded adventurous travellers who are also motorcyclists is really fun! One thing is guaranteed on a Compass Expeditions tour, you are going to make friends.(and probably talk a lot of nonsense about motorcycles and travel).

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