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Monday 28th September 2015 – Egypt

Sitting back enjoying a cold beer overlooking the Valley of the Kings, here on the banks of the Nile, seems like a good time to reflect on the journey so far.

Although it’s been less than a week, it seems like an eternity since we were at the container port in Alexandria, Egypt waiting for our motorbikes to emerge from customs. Having survived the sea journey into Egypt, the bikes were caught up in a series of endless beaurocratical procedures. But they did eventually clear and it was good to get on the road.

Our group is made up of 15 riders, a pillion passenger and the Compass Team, Jack, Justin and Bayne. Although we are from different parts of the world, we all share the same passion for motorbikes, adventure and exploration. It’s a good bunch of people.


Ten minutes after putting our helmets on and riding away from the port, the frustrations caused by the Egyptian port authorities suddenly seemed a world away. From Alexandria, it was a fairly straightforward ride into Cairo and a compulsory visit to the amazing Pyramids.

Walking around the pyramids is an awe-inspiring, must do experience. But to ride there on a motorbike, lifts the experience to another level altogether. What an exhilarating day.

IMG_2250 copy

The next day we rode along the Nile to the resort region of Hurghada. Magnificently positioned on the red sea and a welcome stop after experiencing temperatures reaching 40 degrees Celsius. Our swim in the red sea couldn’t have felt better.

From Herghadia we rode through a spectacular mountain range into the Eastern Desert. The mountains provided some sweeping bends and great twisties. There were plenty of smiles amongst the group.

As the sailing boats pass by, we are sitting on the deck of our hotel swimming pool watching the setting sun. Sipping a cold beer, we discuss this mornings’ visit to the Valley of the Kings and the temples of Luxor. It’s surreal to be here in Egypt. It’s like going back into the history books and becoming a part of the story. These places are part of what has led our civilisation to where it is today

But our biggest decision this afternoon is whether to have another swim or get ready for dinner. Tomorrow we ride to Aswin and then onto Sudan. It’s good to be alive.

The edge of the Red Sea - Egypt

The edge of the Red Sea – Egypt

IMG_2253 copy

IMG_2245 copy
IMG_2227 copy
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