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Like a Phoenix from the ashes….

Finally – The news you have all been waiting for. On the 11th March 2020 the WHO declared Covid-19 a global pandemic and by June 23rd, we announced the closure of Compass Expeditions after 13 of the most incredible years.  Compass Expeditions took the very early decision to fully refund all deposits for all future tours, …

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The Ross McKeand Memorial ride and reunion event – Jindabyne – March 2020

By Duncan Bennett. Rydges Resort, scene of the 2020 Compass Expeditions Reunion. After an unpack, it was off to the bar to greet old mates and meet other Compass ride veterans.  This event attracts people from far and wide so there are about as many boring moments as toilet paper rolls in the local Woollies. A …

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Compass Expeditions – COVID-19 Update.

Dear Valued Customers, Whoever said it would be problematic to run an international tour company was spot on but who would have ever planned for something like COVID 19?  These are clearly testing times for the global community, and especially so for small businesses with the travel industry being particularly hard hit. It was around …

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Asian Overland 2020 Road Report – Week #5 – Back into Thailand

By Jerry Cook I don’t think anyone in the group really was ready to leave Myanmar.  We were enjoying this country immensely.  After 11 days, with the last few having been some of the best riding of the trip so far, it was time to cross the Mai Sai border and enter the infamous Golden Triangle region …

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Asian Overland 2020 Road Report – Week #4 – More Myanmar

By Jerry Cook Prior to the expedition, nobody in the group really knew what to expect of Myanmar. It was a bit of an unknown.   Tourism has only been encouraged by their government since 1992 and really hadn’t opened up to travellers until the general elections in 2010 when a civilian government was installed.  It’s not a …

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The Compass Expeditions 2020 Tour Catalogue

Where would you like to ride? For further information on all Compass Expeditions tours or Major Expeditions please visit us at: http://www.compassexpeditions.com/ Click below to view our catalogue of tours.

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Asian Overland 2020 Road Report – Week #3 – Myanmar – “Mingalabar” (Hello)

By Jerry Cook Arriving at the Thailand / Myanmar border, I was excited to bring the group into the fourth country of the Asian Overland expedition.  There is a tangible excitement to brining a motorcycle tour group into a new country and the unknown adventures that lay ahead.   The border procedures were surprisingly efficient, thanks to the …

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Asian Overland 2020 Road Report – Week #2 – Thailand

By Jerry Cook When I looked ahead at the tour itinerary and saw that my birthday was going to be in Krabi, Thailand I knew it was going to be a good one.  I was right!  I woke up in our beautiful hotel, the Anyavee Resort to many messages from friends and family all around the …

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Asian Overland 2020 Road Report – Week #1

By Jerry Cook Singapore & Malaysia When I was growing up, I was fortunate to spend many a Christmas and school holiday in Singapore. Being only a relatively short flight from my hometown of Perth and with my relatives living there, it was the ideal family getaway.  I have many fond memories of carefree teenage days …

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