Experience the most remote parts of our world on a small group 4WD driving adventure! 

While Compass Expeditions has a long history of running extraordinary motorcycle rides around the world, our driving adventure tours are not simply a mirror reflection of what we do on the motorbikes.

Each tour has been carefully researched, in a 4WD, despite us having operated in these regions since 2007 and knowing these regions intimately. Our driving adventure tours are completely different from our motorbike tours. Each tour has been handpicked for their compatibility with awesome small vehicle adventures, awe-inspiring scenery and amazing activities. Our mission is to unlock the best experiences in the world – we extensively research every tour, stay in the hotels, eat in every restaurant and take every excursion – all so we can share it with you. It is this forensic research that sets our tours apart and guarantees the best tour experience possible for our valued guests.

We’re not here to impress you with our motoring skills either – we’re here to furnish you with lifelong memories while experiencing the most incredible remote locations. Our 4WD tours are not extreme and you don’t need to be Bear Grylls to join one of our tours. We have access to an extensive range of excellent 4WD vehicles for our driving adventure tours, with vehicles ranging from the Toyota Hilux and Ford Rangers to Nissan Patrols Y61 and Landcruiser series 79 and 100s. These choose these vehicles solely for their ability to venture further off the beaten track than the crowded overland trucks and tour buses. We are going to the most remote locations on earth, but this is not extreme off-roading action adventure – these unique luxury experiences are built around safety and comfort. Likewise, we build our itineraries around short drives and amazing activities – there’s never a dull moment on a Compass tour.

We won’t be fording raging torrents or winching up cliff faces – all our 4WD adventure tours are suitable for families, including children, be it self-drive where you, your family or friends travel in the safety of an organised group, or convoy, or if you prefer participating as a passenger, in our guide-driven vehicles to the best holiday destinations. Not your typical tagalong 4×4 trek!

We stay in quality accommodation each and every night, be that a 5-star hotel in Africa, remote Ger camp in Mongolia or an established camp in the Omani desert. The essence of our tours is to explore and be exposed to the “real” destination we are visiting. Our guests want a more intimate travel experience and being in a small group of 4WD vehicles, either self-driven or driven by a Compass team member, provides the perfect opportunity for this. The days of cramming 60 people into a bus or 30 people into an overland truck are gone – these 4×4 tours are an entirely different experience.

Complete Patagonia

Chile & Argentina: Drive through a breathtaking landscape as you visit Mythical Patagonia

3rd Nov 2024 to 24th Nov 2024
3rd Nov 2025 to 24th Nov 2025
21 Days

Kyrgyzstan Discovered

Kyrgyzstan: The ultimate adventure destination, drive through a landscape of towering snow-capped mountains, lush alpine valleys, glaciers and high-altitude lakes

4th Aug 2024 to 18th Aug 2024
4th Aug 2025 to 18th Aug 2025
14 Days

Mystical Oman

Oman: Explore the mystical Arabian coast, driving this hidden jem of mountains, wadis, deserts and turquoise oceans

10th Nov 2025 to 23rd Nov 2025
13 Days

Backroads of Vietnam

Vietnam: Drive an iconic Willys Jeep as you explore the jewel of Southeast Asia

6th Apr 2025 to 19th Apr 2025
13 days

Canyons, Dunes and Falls

South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe: Go on safari in your own 4wd, one of Africa's most iconic journeys

18th Aug 2025 to 3rd Sep 2025
16 Days

Patagonian Fjords, Forests and Glaciers

Chile & Argentina: Discover a landscape of fjords, forests, glaciers and towering mountains as you drive through extraordinary Patagonia

28th Dec 2024 to 12th Jan 2025
28th Dec 2025 to 12th Jan 2026
15 Days

Peru Explorer

Peru: From the Andes to the Amazon drive the heartland of the vast Incan empire as you explore by 4WD

4th Aug 2025 to 19th Aug 2025
15 Days

Wild Mongolia

Mongolia: This driving adventure visits Mongolia’s most storied landscapes, as you discover this magnificent land

25th Aug 2025 to 11th Sep 2025
17 Days

In the footsteps of Burke and Wills

Victoria, NSW, Queensland & South Australia: Embark on one of Australia's most iconic journeys

16 Days
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